SGP INTERLAYER Made in China, Not Dupont, Not Kuraray, but China Brand

SGP ionoplast Interlayer for Structural Laminated Safety Glass

SGP: 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than PVB used as anti-explosion or anti-hurracane solution

Made In China

Replacing“Dupont”Kuraray SGP 

Color: Super clear


Width:1650mm, 2000mm or 2440mm

Liner length per roll:50M, 100M, 150M or 200M


Width:1650mm, 2000mm or 2440mm

Liner length per roll:50M, 100M, 150M or 200M

Recipe of Heating SGP INTERLAYER Laminated Glass in EVA Vacuum Ovens

Please note that Not all EVA vacuum oven can laminate SGP interlayer, some can, some can not.

【1】The EVA ovens may work slightly differently, so you need to do some adjusting by yourselves based on real situations.

【2】Vacuum pressure: should be stronger than 101 kPa

【3】Low temperature stage:

Cold vacuuming for 5 mins

10mins heating up to 65℃

Holding at 65℃ for 30mins

【4】High temperature stage(Cooking time) : at 135 degrees C for 3.5 hours

【5】Always put only one piece of pre-SGP laminated glass per vacuum bag, you can not stack or place multiple pieces in one bag(or you may have bubbles problem).

The above data is based on [6mmGLASS+0.76mmSGP+6mmGLASS], if you laminating thicker interlayer or thicker glass, please keep the same temperature, but prolong the holding time for high temperature stage by 10-30mins.

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Autoclave Heating Cycle Recipe of SGP Laminated Glass Process Guide

【1】Laminating room:

Temperature: 22°C – 28°C Humidity: 18% – 28%

【2】Rolling: the glass surface temperature after rolling should be:63±8℃


Temperature:135°C(no over 137.8℃) Pressure:180–200psi (12–14 bar) Time:60 minutes(can be longer) Cooling speed:3℃/MIN

Datasheet of SGP Interlayer

ItemCNC SGPCertification of Detection Kuraray SGPCertification of Detection
Tear Strength165.4KN/m
ASTM D-62450MJ/m³
ASTM D-638
Tensile Strength37.7MpaASTM D-63828.1MpaASTM D-638
Elongation at Break330%
Haze<0.3%JC/T 2166-2013<0.2%JC/T 2166-2013
Yellow Index<1.5JC/T 2166-2013<0.7JC/T 2166-2013
Refractive Index1.5JC/T 2166-20131.5JC/T 2166-2013
Transimittance88%JC/T 2166-201389%JC/T 2166-2013
UV Block99.90%GB15763.3-200999.90%GB15763.3-2009
Moisture Content<0.08%JC/T 2166-2013<0.2%JC/T 2166-2013
Knock Value≥7JC/T 2166-2013≥7JC/T 2166-2013
Melting Point470℃ASTM D-1929470℃ASTM D-1929
Thermal Contraction≤3%JC/T 2166-2013≤3%JC/T 2166-2013

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